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the "polite" way of calling someone or simply saying Son of a bitch.

You're looking down at your shoe and walking then run into a pole. You're upset, but you don't wanna say son of a bitch b/c there's a nun behind you so you say

if people say your saying sonofabitch just pretend your Italian and have a thick accent or something.

"That guys a sanababish, don't you think?"
додав xSoapyxBeex 28 Жовтень 2008

Слова пов'язані з sanababish

a bitch of son accent calling ideally used when writing notes. name
simply meaning 'son of a bitch', but having some sort of accent. ideally used when writing notes.
That sanababish stole my cookie!!!
watch where you're walking you sanababish!
додав xsoapy_beex 1 Листопад 2008