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Slang for "sandwich". Frequently used by individuals of Italian, Puerto Rican, and Latino descent. The influence of these cultures has spread this alternative pronunciation for the tasty bread-and-meat combination throughout western U.S. jail and prison systems. Convicts from nearly any racial and ethnic background are now commonly found using this particular word.
Convict: Offica Bernal, can I get anotha sangwich?

Corrections Officer: I'm sorry, Fernando. We don't have any sangwiches. We do have some sandwiches though...
додав Michael the Hungry Cowboy 29 Травень 2005
364 77
a guido version of the sandwich
After I GTL I am gonna have a tuna fish sangwich
додав just for sinamen 7 Жовтень 2010
50 28
noun. Another word for sandwich, and, metaphorically, its origin has many delicious layers. 1. a celebration of local, regional or ethnic ignorance. 2. the persistence of low expectations of education in our society. 3. subtle irony: imagine the outrage if one started calling sandwiches "panin-yo's" or "empara-doodads".

verb. 1. To dumb-down one's business or menu to try to emulate one's customer base. 2. sangwich(ed). The failure of one's business due to improper perceptions of one's customer base.
That new cuban place already shut down. They got sangwiched.
додав w. john 3 Квітень 2011
24 18
When you get so drunk that you throw up everything that you had for lunch and dinner on your chest and on your back hence sangwiching yourself with throw up.
Oh brah check out Ethan he's taken so many shots of 151 that's he done sangwiched himself, he can't hang!
додав Sergeezy 26 Грудень 2011
6 9
a puertorican's or italian's pronounciation of the english word "sandwich"
додав boogaloo sanchez 1 Січень 2004
60 65
Another term for "Sandwich". Best when consumed with some Ruffles and a Crystal Light
Have some Ruffles and Crystal light with your sangwich, delicious AND nutricious
додав YUMMMMM 21 Серпень 2006
69 77
A sandwich with the super-sandwich powers of good taste.
When making a sangwich, take care of your ingredients and they will take care of you.
додав David Harris (mgoblue3296) 8 Лютий 2009
16 26