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a disdainful remark with the intentions of insulting someone
I hate when you ask someone a question they give you sarcastic reply.
додав Gerard Irick 16 Лютий 2010
Having a "smart mouth," and people with this trait are called a smart alleck. One of the most annoying personality traits a person can have. They often think their comments are funny but are actually designed to innocently make you feel stupid. People with heavy amounts of sarcasm are viewed as arrogant and stuck up.
I admit I am a little bit sarcastic in my personality, but I try to watch it so I don't offend people.
додав krock1dk 6 Березень 2008
Saying false things in an insulting way.
"OK, surrrre you're the President."
додав Jimmy Jilly 17 Березень 2004
ooooh yeees, you don't know what sarcastic means, DO YOU.
додав oh hello 27 Серпень 2003
someone that is "weird"or "strange" but not in a normal weird way.I mean when you say that person is sarcastic is because its undefined,they say they like something they dont really like and they just behave in weird manners.
diego says he is a punk but he likes metal.
noone does cause he is sooo sarcastic.
додав yooo 19 Квітень 2006