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an efficiently spoken derivative of awesome sauce, used to describe only the most awesome of things
"Dude I saw a lion leap from a cliff today on Planet Earth and he flipped three times in the air!"
додав sha-ah-ahm 21 Травень 2007
16 5
Sauceome! It's when sauce is so good, it's awesome
Keith - OMG Jim you try that new sauce?
Jim - Yeah man! That shit is sauceome!
додав MrOogieBoogie09 16 Травень 2009
5 4
A term describing a noun worthy of your penis drizzle.
Or in other words, a word that can be used to describe things that would make you cum.
"Oh sweet Lord, check out that sauceome hoe."
додав Myche. 23 Грудень 2007
9 8
Like awesome, only more so. Alternately, a contraction of SO and awesome.
Dude, the burger I just ate was sauceome!

Your hair looks totally sauceome today.

Yeah, I think she's pretty sauceome.
додав OiGrenoida 19 Жовтень 2010
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