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scrap and beezy put together
geza girl got hit up by a screezy
#screezie #screez #screezee #screezay #skreezy
додав nukka from the 831 29 Лютого 2008
To look slutty without actually being a slut.
"I don't know, this is kind of a screezy picture, Sara."
"What a tease. Everyone knows she's screezy."
#slut #tease #junk #janky #skanky
додав the establishment must fall. 11 Серпня 2007
For sure. As in for sure or for shizzle or fo-sheezy.
"Yo dawg is you gettin yo welfare check today?"



"Hey wasn't your mom in a donkey show while in college?"

#shizzle #fo-sheezy #fo-sure #for-shizzle #for sheezy my neezy.
додав Lou "Sniff Da Shocker" Dogg 07 Квітня 2006
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