Wanting two people who aren't together,gender and sex aside,to be together
Me:I ship dan and phil!
додав crystalbae 27 Березень 2015
short for championships
we're going to ships!!
додав swagmaster__ 28 Лютий 2015
solo homers in philly or san diego
Manny Ramirez has a very low career SHIPS stat because he has played in the American League for so long.
додав mantle78 20 Грудень 2008
to say sh*t in frount of your parents
OH ships!!!
додав monkeypoo 13 Жовтень 2003
short for worship, used to describe the relationship between two fictional characters, usually in a tv show
example:I know everybody loved LoVe (logan veronica) on Veronica Mars but i kind of shipped veronica and piz because he was so nice and not hiding a deep dark secret
додав vmarsgilmoregirlstheoc 17 Жовтень 2011
Defining someone as a "ship" is the same as calling them fat, as ships are usually quite big objects (just like fat people).
You're such a ship!
What a ship you are!
U ship sir!
додав MKor 23 Листопад 2010
short for championship
Ex: We are going to the ship heyyyyyyy!

додав Lee 24 Травень 2006

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