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Short form for "shit". Can only be used as an exclamation. When using shit as a noun, the final "t" must be pronounced.
Shi', yo!
додав cazort 25 Серпень 2003

Слова пов'язані з shis

shi shit ass pussy kashiya sex vagina chronic cock crap dick fuck g up her hir man she she/he ship shiz
A gender-neutral possessive pronoun
When a customer is waiting for shis order, you shouldn't be back here eating it!
додав Linguist6541 10 Квітень 2009
chunky shit and piss mixed together
ewww you left your shis in the toilet again damit
додав Nate Dizogg 15 Лютий 2006
Shi is the Japanese word for 4. It also means 'death', 'city', 'poem', and can also be an honorific that means 'mr./mrs.' though it isn't as common as -san.
Ohayo *name*-shi
додав SwEeTlY-cHaN 3 Серпень 2012
short for "shit."
Shi man, how you gonna do that?
додав KRHimself 14 Грудень 2003
An abbreviated form of devices such as 's/he' or 'she/he' with the similar usage in referring to a subject of both, either, or neither gender.

It is likely a combined form of the primarily nominative 'she' and 'he' with an element borrowed from 'his' or 'him' due to their unique usage of the letter 'i'.

'Shi' and related possessive 'hir' are seen most often in internet-presented stories involving (the usually pornographically inclined presence of) hermaphrodites or those capable of changing their sex with ease.
When shi told us who was on the phone, we knew it couldn't be good.

We took a walk, shi and I.

Shi who made us laugh nonstop with hir every joke.
додав Trefoiler 22 Червень 2009
basically replaces any word you cannot think of due to either high stress, lack of knowing the word or simple brain fartage
Are you going to record the shi tonight?
додав N. Bird 21 Вересень 2006