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N. This describes when one does not wipe (in going to the bathroom) properly, and thus infestations of what was to be wiped are now pushed under the poor sap’s fingernail(s). (This term was begun by Artie Lange of the Howard Stern Show.)
“Yo Bill what’s that under your fingernail? You stupid ass, can’t you wipe yourself? Now you’ve got shitnail.”
додав Sigge 19 Грудень 2008

Слова пов'язані з shitnail

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A term used to describe an angry or extremely unpleasant surprise in reaction to information or a situation. Akin to "shitting a brick," the term derives its meaning from the horrific experience that "shitting nails" would be, and thus a person suffering through it would naturally be in a pissy mood.
"Evelyn shit nails when I told her I didn't really get a vasectomy."
додав Pimpsta G 26 Лютий 2008
After fingering your partners butthole, you now have shit under your finernails.
Hey get your shitnail away from me you butthole fingerer.
додав Danielle Shaw 25 Лютий 2008