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combination of slutty and sexy, used to decribe people and/or outfits of extreme hottness and that show off your hot self.---compliment

unless youre fat. then its fugly
1) jessi cole is wearing such a sluxy outfit today!!!

2) wittles is such a sluxy person!
додав erica wittles 13 Грудень 2004

Слова пов'язані з sluxy

fugly sexy slutty
a combination word used to describe a girl who is slutty, yet she is still very sexy and desireable. Slutty + Sexy = Sluxy
Look at that hoochie mama right there wearin' that mini-skirt and tube-top...she's a hoe, but she's still sluxy.
додав Johnnie Notchville 16 Листопад 2004