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Bay Area term for a slut or a hoe. Originated from ESSJ (Evil Side San Jose).
Yo Ian! Did you see what that sluzzle did to Ron at the club? That sluzzle straight broke him off in the corner doing what sluzzles love to do.
додав I'M CHRIS TICH BITCH! 4 Січень 2006

Слова пов'язані з sluzzle

bitch slut anthony hopkins beezy breezie guzzler hess ho hoe poo shennis shit slumper tennis whore
originated in ESSJ

1. term for a chick you don't really care about but you might bang her just for fun.

2. term for a new chick you meet thats down to mess around on the night that you meet her.
tich: "hey what'd you do last night?"
Ron: "came up on some sluzzles last night, it was fuckin sick."
додав hmj v 7 Січень 2006