Being high as hell off weed used around Maryland.
A son im smacked like shyt 4real
додав Smackedboi 27 Жовтень 2009
Top Definition
thizzin. high off e.
" damn i was so smacked last night"
додав jnvjdksnv 6 Січень 2008
High off of Marijuana, Nice Buzz
Damn bro I'm smacked like shit!
додав Sickyle 28 Січень 2003
act of being bent, smoked up, high, drunk

when someone is "Smacked" that means that they are either high or drunk. You see a man, " yo, he's smacked as hell", that means he's high.
додав Ohmod Logan 23 Червень 2006
To be On one,Under the influnce of mdma,E tarded,thizzing,Rolling balls.
"I was dumb ass smacked Off that Red Bunny"
додав Mr.MDMA 18 Травень 2008
Really High off of Weed
Yoooo Im so smacked right now!
додав GudGurlGoneBAD 1 Лютий 2010
Smacked is when you start feelin the pill take affect.

Smackers- Another word for ecstacy pills
" Damn my nigga im dummy smacked."

"Call that beezie for some smackers."
додав Jaccie-O 21 Червень 2006

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