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passing gas; a fart, toot, fluff, etc.
Hannah's boyfriend smeeched on her sweater, and now it smells like butt.
додав kschooooooo 28 Серпень 2010
62 16
This is a west country/rural word of old. It means a burning smell or a smell so bad you think you can see it.
My mother, having been born on the Mendips in 1932 uses it alot.
The grilled kippers left a terrible smeech in the kitchen.

The coal fire created a foggy smeech in the lounge.
додав Keyte 1 Січень 2005
42 18
"sandwich at dennys commonly used:"
Hey big kyle lets go to dennys to get that SMEECH
додав smeech 1 Квітень 2007
35 20
burny smell
the kitchen smells smeechy is it on fire
додав susan jamieson 23 Листопад 2003
25 17
My late mother who came from Cheltenham used 'smeech' to mean 'over-heating fat', i.e. a combination of 'smoke' and 'steam' so my brother and I still thought it was only used in our family as we'd never come across anyone who knew it. but now we know better.
When I arrived at a pancake party I exclaimed 'What a smeech and everyone said 'What?''
додав Cheltenham6 23 Вересень 2009
11 6
A cigarette
"dude lets go have a smeech"
додав chalupaa 22 Лютий 2012
2 3