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Shoes made for grinding rails and ledges. The grinds are similer to rollerblading grinds.
He grinded down a 100 stair set on soap shoes
додав Dj Full-Torque 28 Вересень 2005

Слова пов'язані з soap shoes

aggressive fruitbooter grinding in-line rollerblade rollerblading soaper sonic x-games
Shoes with grinding plates on the bottom of them. Used to grind down handrails.
Oh my new soap shoes owned that rail.
додав Salchite 4 Червень 2005
Shoes Designed to grind on railin' ,poles, ats(All That Shit)
Originally seen in a game called
Sonic Adventure 2.With these shoes you not only look stylin' but you can stunt like Tony Hawks.
Wanksta 1:Man I passed by the mall and there was this crazy mutha fucka, grinding on the railin' wit his shoes!
Wanksta 2:You For Real?
додав Nas 12 Січень 2004