sexiest chic in the whole fucking world.... everyone thinks that she is the most amazing person in the whole world.... she is all around an upbeat and really kewl chic and guys just adore her...
not everyone understands some of the things that she does but that is okay.....
sophie is the best person in the whole fucking world
#sexiest #amazing #chic #person #upbeat
додав lalalalalallalalsawyersuxalala 09 Березня 2010
(noun) the most amazing person in the world. the best thing that has ever happend to me. the sweetest and kindest person on this planet. the most beautiful girl i have every layed eyes on. she is one of a kind and no one could replace her. she has my heart forever, that's a promise. three years down, forever to go<3
Dammmn that girl must be a sophie because she is gorgeous!"
#synonym: uncomparable #synonym: ireplaceable #synonym: my love #synonym: everything to me #synonym: my world
додав Tyler Jared 05 Грудня 2010
An amazing, one of a kind girl. Often brunette and funny. Has a tendency to literally fuck things up when drunk but is actually very shy behind that beautiful facade. So guys, if you see her sober and you were ever one of the lucky ones, go seek her out. It's not that she regrets what happened, probably the opposite, it's just she's too shy to come and speak to you again. Get to know her and you will never regret it.
Guy 1: I think that's the girl who came back to mine last week!
Guy 2: Who? Sophie? She's pretty hot.

Guy 1: I think she's ignoring me now though...
Guy 3: Nah, Sophie's just shy. Go speak to her! You must be the guy she's been talking about non stop but couldn't pluck up the courage to ask out properly.
--Guy 1 rushes after Sophie--
#sophie #one night stand #shy #brunette #hot
додав waystoprcrastinate 15 Жовтня 2010
Sophie is a amazing girl's name. Every Sophie is gorgeous.
A Sophie is talented , gorgeous , nice, every guy is looking for the right girl. And Sophie's are those girls.

Sophie's out there , don't let people tell you are fugly . you are beautiful inside and out !
- Sophie ? Oh her, the gorgeous one ?
-Sophie ?? Oh I remember her now , she was def gorgeous, amazing , and everything guys would want !
#hot #amazing #nice #gorgeous #and everything!
додав hottiewithabody12345 28 Листопада 2010
Sophies are full of many great things. Sophies are usually tall and brunette. Sophies are Beautiful, very kind, smart, athletic, have a cute personality, and are keepers. People out there who know a Sophie, get to know her. It could change your life just as it changed mine. I love her sooo much and I want her never to leave me!
Person 1: Who is the beautiful, nice girl over there?

Person 2: I sure dont know but she sure is a Sophie!
#beautiful #smart #nice #caring #best person ever!
додав More than a friend of a Sophie 11 Травня 2011
A little magic dragon who hides in her cave all day, then comes out at night to munch on the stars.
Sophie likes to go on holidays to see her fancy man the loch ness monster, but she has a secret 'thing' with the kraken. Apart from it's not a secret anymore because i just told you.
A person who is reffered to as 'a Sophie' is generally a crazy maniac who acts like a magic dragon and runs wild in public.
Sophie's frequently misspell words but usually get them corrected by fantastic friends who somehow put up with their craziness.
Sophie's like to hump people that run past them. And go to quiet places and shout:
'Aaaaaaaaaaarh I AM A KRAKEN FROM THE SEA'
One word that would best describe a 'Sophie' would be-

Guy 1: Did you hear that?

Guy 2: Hear what?

Guy 1: It sounded like a magic dragon going crazy..

Guy 2: Oh don't worry, it was probably just a Sophie.

Guy 1: Oh, ok then:)
#crazy #shithead #love #beautiful #sushi #sossi
додав Urmuuum 18 Січня 2011
From the greek word 'wisdom'. LOts of people think that they're blonde, thick, slags, and whores, but they're not, you're stereotyping, which sophies are smart enough to avoid. Usually smart, individual, stand out, and don't give a damn what you think. Can be very shy, has her mental moments, like every other girl.
1)Oh, she's cool...
2) Yeah, duh, that's Sophie! :P
#awsome #individual #ace #self-minded #beautiful
додав The_Blackout_rock 12 Квітня 2011
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