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Surfing the net while slightly drunk and adding information to websites that you know is bollocks.It's better than buying shit from ebay or amazon that you forgetabout until it arrives mid week, at work.
I'm pished and adding the word spapple to the urban dictionary
додав Robert TK 11 Серпень 2006

Слова пов'язані з spapple

satan succubus amazon bollocks fugly jesus lesbian monkey oil qvc scary slut spapples
see Satan, see succubus

quite frankly the most satanic image of a soul trapped in an ugly human body that makes Satan scream like a little girl whenever he has the misfortune of seeing her, i mean "it."

Ew he slept with spapples last night! They're gonna have demon children!!!!1
додав woldemort 31 Березень 2009