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A girl (or guy) with really big thighs and a huge ass.
She must be a speed skater.
додав Golfergal 16 Березень 2006
25 7
sum of the coolest people on the planet
assoicated with one of the most hard core sports of there speed skating
daaanm that girl must be speed skater
додав skaterfurlife 6 Січень 2007
21 5
really wide thighs, the kind tht u hav 2 pop out a ruler 4
"yo look at them legs, they so wide"
"she got them speed skaters"
додав Tuckus Miwwa 16 Квітень 2008
3 1
An athlete who speed skates, sometimes made fun of for being homosexual because of the tight clothes the athlete wears while speedskating.

A very cruel nickname.
(some guy see's somebody speedskating)
guy: LMFAOO look at that SpeedSkater WHAT A HOMO!
додав Therealmr360beast 25 Березень 2010
1 3