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ramming you flesh torpedo into a lubricated armpit ... back and fourth, back and fourth
As in never speed stick non shaved pits unless you want brillo dick!
додав T-Strom 10 Липень 2008
28 3
the fine filmy layer of greasy perspiration and methamphetamine residue that seeps out of one's pores after ingesting methamphetamine. Not quite sweat, speed stick does not drip or take on a liquid state. Rather it coats one's skin like a glossy glaze.
I could tell he was on a good one once his skin accumulated speed stick.
додав Llenar13 21 Травень 2010
16 4
a penis that moves in and out really fast
his speedstick was really going last night!
додав Hannah & Laura 27 Грудень 2006
5 6
A brand of deodorant used by Males for their arm pits.
"Give me the Speed Stick, I have bad B.O."
додав matthew mcleodd 5 Вересень 2006
11 20