Spit roasted bitch (penis in mouth and penis in anus or vagina) or spastic bitch
"Woah dood, we should hire a whore and spitch her!"

"omg, why is my sister such a spitch? She need care or something!"
#spitch #bitch #sex #spastic #spaz
додав Miss Debi 23 Квітня 2008
to slap; a slap down
That ho just spitched me!
#slap #pimp slap #speech #pitch #bitch slap
додав Beth Bonin 02 Квітня 2008
A unit of measurement, more than a table spoon - less than a 1/4 cup.
You want some milk in your coffee? Yeah, just a spitch.
#dollup #handful #1/8th cup #spuch #plop
додав Robby7 15 Липня 2006
Literally a Mexican Bitch. It's a combination of the word spik, slang for mexican, and bitch. It can be used for vulgar language or just calling out one of your homegirls.

Talking to your homegirl: "Orale spitch, how it going?"

Yelling: "Why are you being such a spitch?!?"
#spik #bitch #mexican #slang #chicana #vato #orale
додав Selena Santiago 25 Березня 2009
is where PR executives use email as a means to distribute irrelevant press releases and pitches to journalists.

Spam + Pitch = Spitch

Like spam, spitching is becoming a nuisance to journalists, often leading to certain PR executives being blacklisted.
1. I get tons of 'spitches' in my inbox every day

2. My inbox is overflowing with useless 'spitch'

3. I get 'spitched' at least 10 times a day
#pr #marketing #spam #pitching #email
додав Travel In Papers 23 Листопада 2007
any combination of sperm and saliva
After i came in that girls throat, she spit spitch all down her tits.
#spitch #spit #saliva #cum #sperm #tits
додав Charlie Crenshaw 05 Жовтня 2007
a bitch ass mexican
You fuckin spitch, go eat a burrito..
додав Taylor 06 Травня 2003
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