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to kinda 'go everywhere'
go in every direction...
the paint splattered all over me
додав Just Like Campbells...MmMm Good 21 Червень 2003
Horror subgenre with heavy amounts of gore. Sometimes also has graphic acts of violence, sex, sexual violence, and/or violent sex

also see: splatterpunk
that's one nasty piece of splatter filmaking!
додав Dagon 10 Січень 2005
Causing something to violently splash against a surface.
My diarrhea caused my shit to splatter all along my leg.
додав Shifty Eyed Goat 18 Червень 2003
A portmanteau of ass and platter, splatters are any pants or shorts worn lower than the waist that highlight the accessibility of the butt, presumably as an advertisement of one's eagerness for anal sex. Likely a carryover from the prison trend to announce homosexuality by wearing the pants low.
"Fool's wearin splatters and he ain't even gay!"

"What's with all these punks wearing splatters? You'd think it was Happy Hour at a gay bar."
додав <MF> 14 Липень 2009
I type of film where the emphasis is on killing itself compared with gore where the emphasis is on the result of the killing.
Brain Dead is a really funny splatter movie
додав Lucas 666 2 Квітень 2007
usually meaning 'squish' or 'shatter', just with a liquid, and not a solid
The jello splattered all over the floor.
додав Drako 28 Червень 2003
the type of sound made when you throw a pineapple directly at a brick wall and it smells like an urangatang.
"did it go splat or splatter?" Hilary asked bill clinton after he threw a bowl of aunt jamima pancake mix at her crotch.
додав Pat The Phunky Homosapien 27 Червень 2003