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To splong is to break the social rules, defined by a community.
This can result in a ban from the community and being ignored and repelled by community members.
"He's splonging again! What a mediawhore! Let's kick him in the ass!"
додав Ano Nymous 16 Лютий 2008
9 4
A crude smoking device resembling a bong into which spliffs are placed.{hybrid of spliff and bong)
додав antiplod 26 Травень 2003
9 4
A half and half mixture of marijuana and tabacco which is packed into a bong.
If a large enough hit is taken, the result is an incredibly light feeling sensation
yoo man hurry up and pack that splong!!
додав gooboo 8 Листопад 2009
5 2
splong splong splong splong
splong!!!! splong!!!!
додав Uncle Bert 10 Березень 2004
7 9
an action word -- somewhere between splat and sprong.
Splong! Pow! Splat! Splong!
додав splong 10 Березень 2003
1 5