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The true epitome of fucking awesome.

Disco taken to a whole new level, Static-X's music is best listened to at 200 decibels.
Static-X... Keep Disco Evil!
додав Demon Phoenix 1337 24 Вересень 2004
229 69
a kickass band i saw in concert, fucking best mosh pit, famous for push it, this is not, black and white, wisconson death trip...
i saw static x in concert
додав rhcpgod 13 Серпень 2003
148 46
The best band of all fuckin time.
They beat out any other band in the genre of hardcore metal. And the guys hair is cool
додав STATIC-X RULES 23 Травень 2003
148 47
cool industrial-metal band with strong vocals but isnt annoying at all.
the best song : "im with stupid"
band with awsome songs to freak dance to.
static-x added me to their friends list on myspace.com!!
додав xCHRISx 27 Грудень 2004
154 64
Static-X can best be described as modern industrial metal band, with big infuences of Techno, Trance.

Wayne Static, frontman, vocalsand guitarist has an unique explosive style of 'singing' or rather shouting his lyrics. Giving it all a odd ring to it. Body language on stage is very fitting with his singing.

Static-X is a kind of band you either love, or hate. It has the typical modern american, simple riffs and great focus the sound.
snippet from track "Otsegolation" by Static-X

if we gain by severance
we gain most of all
annihilate your kindness
twisting those involved

scenes of revolution
scenes of your destruction
we are desolation
we are isolation
додав Not a fanboy entry 28 Вересень 2006
69 11
Evil Disco band formed by Wayne Static(LEAD SINGER / GUITAR and Tony Campos(BASS), while accompanied by Tripp Eisen(LEAD GUITAR) and Nick Oshiro(DRUMS) whome are all too good to be played on MTv. Visit www.static-x.com to listen to three of their songs for free!!!
I listened to Static-X and now have a writhing ring in my ear, but its alllll good cause im EvOaSiS. Keep Disco Evil
додав EvOaSiS 26 Квітень 2004
84 28
The greatest fucking band that ever romed the earth. They rule.
Static-x? They rock.
додав Shallow 30 Січень 2004
99 45