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this is a violent sex act in which a dildo or other phallic object is attached to the bottom of a shoe or boot and "stomped" into the waiting hole of the "stompfuckee".
Dawn hadn't been stompfucked in a long time, so Tina helped her get her dildo harnessed to the bottom of her boot so it wouldn't come off during their sexual act.
додав masochistmonkeyjoe 14 Жовтень 2008

Слова пов'язані з stompfuck

boot dildo fuck on sex stomp stompfucked stompfucking stomping strap strapon violent
The act of badly beating someone or something, often with your foot, brick, hammer, etc...
Dude, I left my truck in front of a bar and I came back to find that they Stomp fucked my truck beyond recognition
додав Yucaipaguy909 27 Лютий 2011