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like the straight arrow, flying forward towards its target, straight up gets straight to the point. No bullshit, I am telling you exactly what I mean.
We should go to a movie straight up.
Dude straight up, lets do this.
додав Andrew Shea 23 Серпень 2004
696 198
To be right or for real
Person: That is the coolest thing ever.

Person 2: Straight up.
додав Tazzaler 16 Жовтень 2005
452 132
absolutely, totally
straight up gangsta
додав JTYRHE 4 Червень 2004
358 130
without ice (used when describing drinks)
id like a margarita please.. straight up, no salt
додав amanda 12 Лютий 2005
230 114
to be honest, to not lie, to not hide things behind other's backs. An abbreviation of the term straight up is SU.

Dude just be straight up.

Dude, Jane gave head to greg behind my back, thats not straight up.
додав Collotta 13 Січень 2007
163 60
NO lies, Honesty, Truthfulness, No B.S., The Real Deal, Word up, etc...
Paula Abdul said it better than I could with the chorus : "Straight up now tell me,
Do you really want to love me forever? Oh, oh, oh...
Or, am I caught in a hit and run?
Straight up now tell me,
Is it gonna be you and me together? Oh, oh, oh...
Are you just having fun?"
додав J.Pardner 26 Липень 2007
91 37
Pure, absolute, sh*t like that.
Vanilla Straight Up: No sprinkles, toppings, mixes, just vanilla.
додав Zach G. 28 Серпень 2004
88 57