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straight, good.
Keepin' it strizz. * Nah dog, it's strizz.
додав Sasha Hearn 2 Липень 2003
Slang for "straight", meaning comfortable or without need of assistance.
Me: Yo Mark you want a coke or n e thing?
Mark: Nah man im strizz.
додав Slacker1111 17 Травень 2009
the exact moment when a penis enters the vagina.
it felt so good when he strizz-ed my vagina.
додав heytherebitchfuckyou 26 Липень 2008
To eat inordinate amounts of food directly from the container using only one's hands and a blank stare.

To get drunk, hook up with a fat chick, pass out, then forget the whole experience.
He's strizzin it!

I'm gonna get my strizz on tonight.
додав Wap Smacker 28 Лютий 2004