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this is a description of when your ass getting really swetty. its a combination of sweat and ass. used as a verb, it is when you stick your sweaty ass on someone, usually in the face.
"Demo was pissing my off and wouldn't shut the fuck up up so i swassed him right in the face1'
додав stretch 2 Травень 2003
42 226
SirMixAlot's word for super cool
swass, points, no deduction!
додав jambe foukuinox 6 Березень 2003
638 307
noun. A contraction of the words sweat and ass. A non gender-specific term used to describe the sweat found in and around a person's ass crack.

Related to swit, swut, swunt and swall.
The warm weather was nice, until those rollerblading shorts gave her a scary case of swass.
додав squidboy57 24 Вересень 2003
663 479
a word used by Sir Mix a Lot and other Seattle rappers in the late 80s/early 90s. In today's terms, it is to be extremely swaggerific and cakey
"We all look kinda swass the crew you can't forget
The mix a lot posse cold rippin up the set"- Sir Mix a Lot
додав dave is for the children 29 Жовтень 2008
201 94
Everyone on here is stupid.

It's an adjective.

It's the name of a Sir-Mix-A-Lot album, and it's a synonym for cool, fresh, or dope.
"Man, how good was that show?"

"That shit was SWASS..."
додав Dill 3 Вересень 2004
344 314
noun. meaning cooler then cool
Don't you wish your boyfriend was swass like me.
додав Gracy Lou Freebush 15 Січень 2003
172 152
when it's hot outside and a gnarly case of sweaty ass occurs, sometimes noticable from the outside of one's garments.
Holy crap dude, i was at the video store and this fat guy in sweats totally had a case of sw'ass!
додав Ryan W. 19 Липень 2006
15 7
very cool / hot
Don't you wish your boyfriend was "swass" like me?
додав sw-o-ss 16 Січень 2003
138 134