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1] candy
2] better than human beings because sweets don't bitch, complain, or cop an attitude.
3] acknowledged by Aurora & Rashel
Rashel: is it bad be love sweets more than other humans?
Aurora: No, because humans dont taste as delicious
додав Sweetycakeshunnypear 14 Грудень 2010
7 12
A gay person who plays counter strike but for some weird reason everyone loves him
I hate sweets!
додав Redhead Sean 10 Липень 2008
3 8
(Adjective) not tough, not manly, weak

Has similar meaning to some definitions of soft or gay and its other homosexual-based slang

Possibly regional, at least endemic to certain parts of North or Northeast Philadelphia.
"Dude, there's no way your team can beat my team. Your quarterback's sweet. Your whole offense is sweet."
додав Timato Five 21 Січень 2008
8 13
it is said when an idiot likes something!
cool person: i have a really nice guitar.
idiot: sweet
додав yakovitch 4 Січень 2008
5 10
The opposite of dick.
Some douche: Oh, dude, you got the sweet version?
Me: Hell yeah! Ah, you got the dick version? That sucks, man.
додав prosperousbeggar 12 Жовтень 2007
10 15
used to shut someone up when they are talking to you, when to be honest you just dont give a shit
"oh, did a tell you that laura's dog died?"
"she's really upset!"
"you could show more sympathy"
"sweet, anyway... more importantly, suck me off"
додав tiddlywinkle 29 Березень 2005
18 23
greeting usually used by Firms from North and/or west LondonIslington or Chelsea
Sweet geez 'ows it goin?
Yeah i'm sweet
додав Greekie 22 Жовтень 2004
4 9