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Someone who is too lazy to brush the snow off of their car before driving it and instead brush just enough off to see through. The result is a vehicle almost completely covered in snow with the exception of a small opening on the windshield thereby giving the vehicle the appearance of a tank.
I almost got hit by a tank driver as I drove into work today after the snow storm. He couldn't see me with all the snow on his car!
додав Upper Tupper 13 Грудень 2011

Слова пов'язані з tank driver

automobile brushing car motorist snow tankdriver vehicle windshield
When your riding tank driver your the Ga-gootz that has to sit in the middle back seat with two other ga-gootz's on either side of you.
Aw shit... i wanted to ride shotgun. but now i gotta ride tank driver.
додав Mr fuzzy butt 10 Березень 2005