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breasts, usually male
wow that dude has big ass teats
додав brettisme666 22 Травень 2006
One (1) female nipple.
1)Your teat is showing.

1)There are three things I eat in this world - chicken McNuggets, tacos and teat.
додав Scott Dogg 14 Грудень 2003
Slang term for a woman's breast or nipple.
Can I touch your mother's teat?
додав GuidoPosse69 3 Березень 2005
1. nipples
3. breasts
2. nips
3. smuggling raisins
That strippers teats are hanging to the floor!
додав Bud E Love 5 Травень 2003
A pair of Breasts
"Lick my black teats!"
додав Chuck Bullet 13 Квітень 2004
my dad's favorite saying
well, that's just teats!

додав PyroPenguin 1 Грудень 2003
One of young Shakespeare's finest quotes regarding a woman's breast and the process of breastmilking
"An honour! were not I thine only nurse, I would say thou hadst suck'd wisdom from thy teat."
додав dontdrinkthecreekwatah 22 Травень 2014