Bitch ass rapper.

Yukmouth confronted game in a club and told game he had beef with 50 cent (game was still in gunit), yukmouth told him he got beef and game said i dont want no beef its between you and 50 i just wanna get paid. so three months later game comes out with 3oo bars and disses yukmouth on it after he said he was cool with yuk, bitch move by game. So Yuk comes out with game ova part 1 and does game good, punks the shit out him. So game tells yuk he wants to end the beef and him and yuk make the song "Peace". Yuk recorded his part of the song at the studio and bounced. Game took that part and added shit to it to make yuk look like hes a bitch, again another bitch move by game. So yuk comes out with game ova part 2 and does game again. Check out those to songs by yuk, game ova and game ova part two, their hard and games a bitch.

Shit game was trying to be a model and actor then he became a rapper, bitch with his tounge ring and on change of heart, BITCHMADE!!!!!
Fuck the Game, fake ass blood
додав Mo Beezy 09 Травня 2006
The G-unit's biggest mistake. A rapper who never should've joined G-unit. Pussy rapper who was let go by the G-unit because he wouldn't back them up when Fat Joe was calling them out.
Anyone who doesn't back up their crew is the game.
додав RayJ 08 Вересня 2006
1. Any household pseudo-sport played using equipment already in place in the home. 'The game' will refer to whichever particular event might be in contemporary ascendency, but will probably refer to one of the below:

1a) The Egg Game. Every time an egg is cooked, it is thrown between two participants until ultimately dropped by one, who is a 'dropper' (see 'dropper'). In the event that both parties agree that an egg's performance has been remarkable, it can bee retired.

1b) The spear game. A curtain rail colsely resembling a spear is thrown at a wall in an attempt to make as large an indentation as possible. There is, as yet, no way of confirming a winner.

1c) Stupid game in the kitchen. A game of many rounds, most of which involve the attempt to throw an oversized tennis ball into various target areas (e.g. behind the fridge, the bin, the oven, the recycling box etc.). Points are awarded per round victory on an accumulative basis.
Joe would have liked to have done some work, but his morning was occupied almost entirely by a tiring round of the game, after which a nap, wank, and brief read about dragons was all he could muster.
додав 71 Hurst / S12 15 Липня 2005
the act of getting all the action you can
dont hate the player hate the game
додав tweek 19 Грудня 1999
One of the most overrated rappers ever. All The Game does is drop names. He has no rapping talent to speak of. He's not fast. If you want fast, you'll listen to Tech N9ne. He's not smart. If you want smart, you'll listen to Del The Funky Homosapien or his crew Hieroglyphics. He's not creative AT ALL. Try Andre Nickatina AKA Dre Dog.

The Game has nothing going for him. He's just like the rest of mainstream rap: Marketing posing as Hip Hop.

Now, for all of you who are saying that Joe Buddenw as a fued. Try the fued between The Game and Yukmouth. Yuk is an underground God and just ruins The Game. You guys who praise The Game need to realize name dropping isn't Hip Hop. He doesn't have talent. At all. As Del The Funky Homosapien says: "Rap ain't about bustin caps and fuckin' bitches. It's about fluency with rhyming ingenuity."... Which The Game lacks.
Fast: "Stamina" by Tech N9ne
Intelligent: "At The Helm" by Hieroglyphics
Creative: "Fist Full of Dollars" by Andre Nickatina
Flow: "Before and After" by Lyrics Born
додав Rio Tha Funky Homosapien 29 Серпня 2005
the gayest mother fukin rapper ever, if g-unit or g unit didnt get rid of the game i would have never liked g-unit
the game- hey fifty, i wanna suck your dick
50 cent- hell no you lame ass nigga
the game- ah come on
50 cent-fuck you bitch, you outta the fuckin group
the game- well fuck you ill go suck young bucks dick
young buck- my ass you will you a gay ass nigga, game y dont you go suck your own dick, oh yeah dats right you aint got one you fuckin pussy
the game- fine ill go home and cry to my pussy ass mom and go suck her titties and then im gonna tell on you my nizzle
50 cent- first of all only fake niggaz and snoop dogg say nizzle and second of all i dont give a fuck wut you gonna do just get da fuck outta here
lloyd banks- yeah and take your blow up doll and x-small condoms wit you bitch
the game- fine i will... ... ...
tony yayo-... well? GET DA FUCK OUTTA HERE
olivia- you ugly ass nigga
young buck-... god wut a pussy
додав wjw6j 18 Серпня 2006
Biggest idiot ever to rap. He claims he is a blood who was in a coma wen his own brother says neither is true. He also claims he shoots cops with a licenced gun which makes no sence cause licenced guns have a certain shot pattern and he would get caught immediatly. He also hides like a kid in highskool and makes fun of people from woods behind their house while pointing at their houses cause hes a G like that. He's also got so much money that he can keep it all in a small safe and feels it is nessesary to show everyone. He also calls 50 cent a pussy cause he lives in Massachussettes when Lame actualy lives next door to HILLARY DUFF (its true look it up). Finally when he has off time from his stripping Lame (aka Douja) likes to make dvds lieing about people cause he isnt a good enough rapper and he releases "freestyles" which take 3 months to "write". Ooo yea and 50 wrote ATLEAST all his hooks to all of his hit songs. And we all know the best part in how we do is where 50 says i put lambrogini doors on my escolade and 50's verse and hook carries th song. Same as hate it or love it and westside story. only reason Game's album is even half dencent is the Dr. Dre production which is incredible cause other wise its just a series of names that Lame rhymes togther. G-UNIT!!!!
I'm Douja... err... The Game... Hurracaine Game and I'm 50s bitch because I'm signed to his record label and still releasing records to make him richer (and for those of you who dont think he actually is since he says he isnt look at under artists. Next to his name it says wat record label he is signed to and it says G-Unit records.)
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