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Some tool who is used for something that everyone else wants.

For example a fake ID.
Jim: Yo nigga, Chris got a Fake ID.
Bob: Hah, wat a sucka, ait heres the plan: lets make him buy us alcohol, that way we can't even get arrested.
Jim: Werd up, the only downside is we gotta hang out with that bitch neezy fosheezy cock sukka.
Bob: Ya, but the alcohol is worth it, how else will we get laid.
Jim: Tru Dat, good thing we have that bitch ass mofo, what a Thelin.
додав Nick hr 7 Грудень 2006

Слова пов'язані з thelin

bitch neezy cock sukka eazy e grundlemunch ugly azz kid
A word that originates from latin as "the penis sucker".
Dave is such a thelin
додав Mark 1 Грудень 2004