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"This is Religion here". A term popularised by Fireball, a fundamentalist Christian regular on Yahoo! Answers' Religion & Spirituality section. It has since become both a serious and jocular term used by many other people in the R&S section for questions on R&S that have nothing to do with R&S.
Asker: "Spiritually Speaking, Do you like Pie?"
Fireball: "TIRH"
додав Teh Atheati Kitteh King 26 Грудень 2009

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religion fireball here is spirituality this acronymism answers fundie r&s tihr y!a yahoo
"This is religion here."
man: let's just go home and watch football
woman: but we're at church!
man: football is important too!
woman: TIRH!
додав goatsonaboat. 12 Липень 2009
Something said on R&S in Yahoo! Answers. What ever it means, only hell...err heaven knows.
"sounds like the ones who cares about feelings will be nicer BUT TIRH...SO THIS is offsubj"

of course, the entire thing is hard to understand, but the TIRH adds the icy on the cake.
додав Gregry2rs 13 Липень 2009