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A person who fulfills multiple minority capacities in any realm. Having two or more of these common features: physical/mental disabilities, being a woman or ethnic minority
In the show 30 Rock, James Spurlock, his nickname is "Toofer" because "with him you get a two-for-one; he's a black guy and a Harvard guy." (Jack Donaghy)

Connie Rubirosa in Law & Order

Brenda Johnson in the Closer
додав Djodo 19 Листопад 2009
Short for "two four", slang for a 24 pack of beer.

Canadian in origin.
"How much beer are you going to buy?"
"A toofer."
додав Kaethe Rutkowski 7 Липень 2005
means "two for one" or can also be used to mean "two birds with one stone"
Bubba : "Hey Jesse, its two-for-one drinks at the bar tonight!"

Jesse : "Sweet, its a toofer. Lets get tanked!"


Bubba: "Hey Jesse, look I just killed me a buck and a baby deer with one round!!"

Jesse: "Sweet toofer!"
додав chall77 11 Червень 2009
Slang for your two front teeth
I'm going to go brush my toofers.
додав bobomcgee 19 Жовтень 2009
A combo from BK that includes two fries and two burgers for $2.22
Man my tummy is a rumblin, time to get me a toofer
додав RRock 27 Грудень 2006
canada speak for 24 pack o beer
i need to get me a toofer
додав andeekkk 3 Липень 2005
chewing tobacco

used mainly in the boonies of Pennsylvania

see schnoozer
where's all the toofers at?
додав Beef 14 Жовтень 2003