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Term of endearment roughly equivalent to baby.

Note: Only applicable if you live in a black and white movie.
Him: Hiya, toots, whaddya say we blow this joint and head over to the speakeasy?
Her: And how!
додав -Al- 7 Травень 2008
1065 242
1)Slang for fart
2)a loud sound
3)the blast hole on the side of a bong or pipe
4)To bounce your butt up and down during sexual intercourse
5)To snort powdery illegal drugs
1)Frank's toot smelled really bad.
2)Frank let out a really loud toot.
3)Frank's toot is plugged.
4)Francis toot toot real good last night.
5)Frank can toot like nobody's buisness!
додав ~Keyona 9 Січень 2004
466 259
Another word for fart.
Beans, beans, the musical fruit/the more you eat, the more you toot.
додав SiliconHero 24 Квітень 2003
200 133
sniff heroine, coke, crushed up pills - oc,coke,pcp, or whatever floats your boat
Man, let's go toot that 160 mg of oxycontin!
додав BiGr 3 Березень 2005
162 104
geordie word for cocaine
giz a line of toot
додав geordie 24 Жовтень 2003
229 180
An unintentional and embarassingly feminine fart, induced by tickling the victim.
Hahaha! Hahahahaha! Haha*toot*ha...ha...hahahaha!!!
додав fatcroot 23 Вересень 2009
56 34
Something worthless, as you would find in a trash heap. Trash, rubbish, crap. Pronounced to rhyme with "put".
I went to the flea-market but all they had was a load of old toot.
додав veghead 3 Липень 2009
94 81