Complete dickheads who think they are the greatest they listen 2 crap r'n'b, rap and all that junk. They will wear horrible bomber jackets, trousers tucked in socks and i tight ponytail or bun 2 show how big thier heads really are
innocent normal kid happens to turn around and faces a townie

"oi ya' littl' bich' whayydya fink you lookin' at eh?!!?

"nuffin i...."

"fuckin' answer me back n i'll bash ur fuckin head in!! yer man innit"
додав Townie Slayer 01 Січня 2005
Wears tracksuits to the likes of Addidas and Nike, and wears footy shoes and sometimes wears socks really high up covering the bottom of their tracksuit trousers. Listens to trance type music, and has the worst ever attitude. Goes around looking for trouble, and always wanting to hunt down grungers and beat them up for no reason. Might have a ear piercing on the right side to either show that their gay, or a townie, or both in most cases. They are the reason why the UK is a badass place and a complete shithole full of violence and crime. Townies ruin everything.
Townie: Oi there`s a fookin grebby twat there, lets gow jump that stupid dick.

Grunger: Touch me and I`ll shove this knife in your fucking face and beat you all to the ground, and call up all the grungers to hoarde you all and rip your fucking teeth out.
додав Jason Groombridge 13 Листопада 2004
ahh townies how i do loath them they even invade the country u d think you d be safe on the isle of wight but no its infested this is most noticeable in the ryde area wher there are alot of "dirty goffiks" as we are lovingly knowen as they spend their friday and saturday nights drinking cheap cyder in the ice rink or crappy pubs at the bottom of the high street and the hanging round outside the royal squadron the "batty goffs" pub looking for a fight. I pity them they are goning to grow up as nothing and live sad lives trying to immitate the bratz doll collection and failing misarbly most of the females look like they ve been used to clean a toilet and the boys look like they got dressed in the dark. What is the constant obbsession with starting on alteritives and goths all we do is sit smoke and try 2 learn at school and they r always homophobic what do they have against gays and bis. townies are a disease and there should be a vacination.
my argument with stupid townie slapper:
townie:r u a goff?
me:no i m jus spectrumly challenged
townie:wha?!?!? u starting
me:no but you have the personality of an apple
Townie:(after long time)but... apples dnt hav personalities
Townie:stupid dirty goffik and ur a dyke 2 u scab
me:yup u gotta a problem
townie:(after bout 5 min) shut up (then walks off looking confused)
додав taryn 04 Листопада 2004
A mindless idiot who wears fake burberry products for £5 of the local market and who has poorly dyed blonde hair and who listens to britney spears and 50 cent etc...they wear fake diamond earings and the girls wear bottoms with 'PRINCESS' or 'BABE' written on the back and the men and women wear jackets with an American state on the front such as 'CUBA' or 'BROOKLYN' on the front. They smoke and say 'innit' and swear in every pathetic...they pick on goths and punks and grunges because we are different. well it's better to be different than be like one of the rest of them townie bitches/pimps.
Here is my argument i had with 2 townies (a boy and a girl)
Townie 1: oi mate, ere's one of them sado goths

Me: Ahem

Townie 2:HAHA, lets go get da others. then we can kick her in

Townie 1: Move a muscle and you're dead biatch

They ran off to get their mates and i walked off in to mc donalds to meet my mates.

Why tell us not to move then they run off....?!?

Pathetic Wannabes
додав Gem The Weird One 24 Жовтня 2004
A walking waste of skin who excels only in making me and society feel violently ill and disgusted at the mere sight of one and who's only purpose in this world is to make me hate it even more.

Nuff Said.
Townie: Fuckin' dotty gweb
Me: Fuck you.
Townie: You bein' fuckin cheekeh?
Me: Yes, now go away.
Me: Not really no.
*Scum hits me*
*I hit Scum back*
Townie: What da fuuuuuuck
*Scum runs off like a disabled monkey, probably to go crying to his 'Big Brufa' or his 'Cru'*

додав Grom 23 Липня 2004
The type of people, who, if asked the time would reply, "What, ya being cheeky, fukin startin me like?"

Surviving only by basing their lives around the Pack Mentality, townies hunt in groups for anything even Slightly differant to what they consider "Normal", i.e. Identical to Them.

So if you don't happen to buy your clothes in Fake Burberry from the local market, avoid at all costs.

Unable to cope with the fact they are the most unintelligent (have the same average IQ as thecommon cold) and pathetic sub-species upon the face of the earth they swarm towns with bottles of cheap cider and wine, and, after locating, cluster around lone targets with shouts of "Goff" and "Moshaaaaaahhhhh"
Townie 1 - "Ear, You a Goff?"
Townie 2- "Yea, fuking Goff like"
Person - "What? No"
Townie 1- "Yea ya are! Fuk"
Townie 2 - "What are ya then??"
Person - "I'm just me"
Townie 1 - "Whats one of them? Is it like a Goff?"
додав Emetib 27 Квітня 2004
A boy/ girl who conforms to the stereotypical 'ooh look at me i'm a hardman from brixton' motto.They are narrowminded beyond belief, and believe that anyone who does not conform to popular culture (dresses differently, listens to Real music, not that rap junk or shameless wannabes like avril lavigne) doesn't smoke, or DOES have any ambitions beyond pumping jacks at a gas station or serving burgers at mcdonalds is a threat. A townie tends to target a victim's choice of music, when the truth that that townie music is truly awful, and devoid of any tune or talent whatsoever. To simplify it, rap music is just a bunch of losers with over inflated egos talking about themselves in an infuriating monotone over a beat that repeats itself 50 or so times. They do not have a life and waste their childhood hiding behind an image which they could never hope to acheive. Worst of all they glamourise their supposedly harsh lives, when really they're from the suburbs and part of happily married families. They love being sucked off by their bitches who they treat with no respect or dignity whatsoever, but the bitches don't have any self respect either, and therefore do not care how much cum they swallow. In short a nasty piece of work.
'I've been threatened by townies simply for WALKING in tjheir general direction'
додав Silent bob 05 Квітня 2004
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