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shady, not right
"you tried to get with my man w/out me seeing, and then when i did see, you denied it...your a triflin' bitch"
додав Amber 29 Вересень 2002
1688 891
someone who is one or all of the following : dishonest, shady, secretive, a player, 'all talk' without following thru, not worthy of trust....in general, a lack of ethics or general morale ie: worthless
shes trifling, she says one thing-does another
додав Non-Triffler 10 Грудень 2007
1211 920
1. (adj.) Describing a situation, person, or event that is pathetic.
"Man, you didn't wash yo' ass after sleeping with that girl?! You just triflin'!!"
додав tak 8 Жовтень 2001
1546 1327
adj, Used to describe a deceitful manipulative person or action.
Did you hear how he caught her in bed with another guy? That girl is trifling!
додав Sliptastic 16 Серпень 2007
893 799
Corissa Cline
She is so trifling!
додав grown21 6 Грудень 2012
95 131
someone who hollers at other chicks on myspace when they have a girlfriend, someone who likes to do sneaky things and is pathetic.
That dude is pretty trifling for trying to cheat on his girlfriend so many times.
додав BLUEeyedGIRL4 20 Травень 2009
83 142
an intolerable smelling stank or stench...extremely bad odor
"Did that bitch just eat a shit sandwich or something because her breath was trifling"
додав Guy Stankowitz 12 Грудень 2008
129 189