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Updating every single thing you do throughout the day via Facebook, instead of using Twitter.
"I get so sick of logging on to Facebook, only to read tweetbookings of how Jennifer 'loves her new tampons', or John's rant about the local grocery store 'never stocking Magnum-sized condoms'. These people need Twitter."
додав JoeStep 15 Листопад 2009

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facebook twitter tweet networking retweet social status tag tweetbook update
Updating your status on facebook with your every activity several times a day, annoying the shit out of your friends.
Going to the grocery store", "At practice, text it" "Tired of all the people tweet booking, tweeting is for Twitter, NOT Facebook"
додав Annoyed Facebooker 25 Вересень 2010
People who annoyingly link their twitter accounts to facebook so people see it twice
"Hes tweetbooking everything, i read it on twitter than have to read it AGAIN on facebook"
додав yonegene 3 Травень 2010