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To tell someone to go on UrbanDictionary.com, and search up the word they don't know about (1). Can be shortened to "Urban it", if people know what your talking about, that is.
Guy 1: Yo, what does "16" mean?
Guy 2: Urban dictionary it.
додав AnnoyedBlackGuy 30 Липень 2006

Слова пов'язані з urban dictionary it

google it ignorant urban dictionary urbandictionary.com lazy milf refer search sixteen urban
When a ignorant person asks what something means (usually in an inappropriate sense) and you don't even want to bother explaining it, you tell them to Urban Dictionary It, which means to look it up on urbandictionary.com. This is similar to google it.
Person 1: What does milf mean?
Person 2: Urban Dictionary it.
додав Microphona 7 Червень 2009
The act of not knowing what something means, and knowing it's not a word, so you look it up on urban dictionary.
I don't know that that means. Urbandictionary it.
додав DAvidElle 17 Жовтень 2010
To urban-dictionary something is to look up any word or phrase on urbandictionary.com, whether it be for general wondering, humour or any other reason.

"Urban-dictionary it" is just a simplified phrase to describe this action.
I dunno, let me urban-dictionary it.
додав Lilzaaaaaaaaa 5 Червень 2011