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just a word meaning "stupid worthles cunt"
Fuck off, Wankarse!!!!!!!"
додав titwanker 1 Серпень 2003

Слова пов'язані з wankarse

ragarse wankarse bastard bastardarse piles rag arse ragass shitarse tosser wankneck
The word wankarse originates from me. I just said it out of no where when my brother pissed me off.

Since then i have given the word it's own definition that really does make sense.

The word basically means anyone that puts there finger up there arse for pleasure.

This word can also be used if you are pissed off at people
"Hey, you wanna go and see Blazin Squad"
"How about you fuck off, wankarse"
додав ashman 24 Липень 2004
My girlfriend dannii is a wank arse
додав Ozzy Forever 6 Серпень 2008