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When you fart so hard, poop comes out as well.
Shazbot and tessio ate so much beans, thy had the wetfarts all night.
додав Ophy 22 Липень 2003
13 6
A rather stinky fart with a wet sound and a little poop after that if your not naked you may wanna whipe your butt only a true fart genius like myself can master a wet fart
i wet farted on my boyfriend when he was sleeping and that woke him up the best part i lasted 8 second and i was naked so he felt the poop fall on him
додав cakefartgirl 23 Серпень 2011
17 21
When you fart out a water fountain, with smelly old water.
your ass smells like old water
додав JOKa 3 Серпень 2003
36 45
A fart that sounds wet and would deffinitly stain your underwear.Fags get this the most of all.
ewwww Ryan K just busted a wet fart!
додав Cindy G (lookup cindyg) 1 Листопад 2003
66 76
One who is incredibly boring and overly pretentious.
"Francis is such a wet fart."
додав Asosh Lamalette 9 Липень 2006
18 45
a fart that is wet and that shaun mason gets alot because it reduces friction between your anaus and the other persons privates
додав anonymous 3 Листопад 2003
7 37
A loud fart...umm it comes from your bumm!
baaannnnggg boooommmmm kaaaboooommmm that was an awesome wet fart man !!
додав fhgf 17 Липень 2006
7 40