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Favoured by http://www.shine.net/forum/frame_set.php , Wheelmooning has become a favourite term of those who spend too much time online.
Mate, you got just moonwheeled(wheelmoon)

So Fuck you sad cunt, get a life.
додав lol@youx2 2 Березень 2009
something thats old news or has been said a million times before.
"did you hear man landed on the moon? aye wheelmoon mate"

"I just heard man has invented the wheel... aye deadon mate wheelmoon"

"Obama is president... thats sooo wheelmoon"
додав philterino 27 Лютий 2009
To wheelmoon is to tell old news. Wheelmooning ones self is showing your behind the times. It comes from the invention of the wheel and the moonlanding.
-did you here about 9/11?
-oh, you just wheelmooned the fuck out of yourself
додав Lick-a-backey-em' 27 Лютий 2009