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Synonymous for a person's sphincter. Particularly the sphincter of a person who is in the process of receiving or has received anal penetration.
Mark had much difficulty penetrating Paul's woodgate as it was Paul's first time receiving anal sex.
додав 2smart2fast2cool4u 27 Липень 2014

Слова пов'язані з woodgate

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A place in leciester, england, a scummy area were a load of lowlife stoners hang out and try to get head of people.
dale- "safe aaron, u chillin down woodgate 2nite? i herd sum gals are cummin down, get me!"

aaron- "nah man im goin jamacia hill (mowmacre hill) innit"

dale- "oh seen, inabit"
додав me667684 14 Березень 2005