White Trash Fag
My bf John is your typical WTFg, wearing his short-shorts, tight tank top and reading a National Enquirer at his gay gym.
#gay #fag #white trash #trashy #classy
додав Summer Loone 13 Липня 2009
Top Definition
it's not what the fucking gay or what the fucking god

it's way to fucking go
wtfg idiots who say wtg is what the gay or what the god... wtfg
#wtg #nooob #nub #n00b #pwned #nppb
додав kuh-kuh-kuh-kitttehhhhhh 16 Березня 2009
#way #to #fucking #good #wtfg
додав DaltonBen1488 27 Вересня 2009
what the fucking god
wtfg are you up to
додав urlifehk 18 Травня 2003
abv. Abbreviated version of "What The Fucking Gay." A word used to express great surprise and shock at an unexpected or extremely strange occurrence/circumstance.
*Dial-up internet inbound transfer speed suddenly triples for no apparent reason.*

Me: Dude, wtfg?!!?!?
додав PSYPH3RiUM 02 Лютого 2004
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