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1. Multiple numbers of years.

2. To talk about year in the past, and say that was years ago.

3. The word year pruralized
Man how the years pass by.
додав Yester 9 Січень 2006

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A year is a long period time which consists of 365 days, or on leap years, 366.

It can also be used to signify how much time in school or work you spent.

100 years make a century.
A: How long have you been working here?
B: Oh, around 8 years.
додав xxYuli 24 Червень 2006
a period of three hundered and sixty five dissapointments
mate, what did you do this year?

killed myself, like a trooh grafta
додав Coombs 13 Червень 2007
12 months of absolute hell and fuckery
TV: -Ball drops-
Everyone: WOOT WOOT ET IS YEAR 2014
Person 1: -sarcastic- yay, another 12 months of fuckery and hell
додав EnderWright 28 Грудень 2013