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A phrase adapted from the theme song of "Martian Succesor Nadesico." It now applies of the idea of getting riled up in preperation to accomplish something; or the idea of actually setting things on fire.
1) You're about to go on a 72 hour marathon of "Starcraft?" You get to burning.
2) Nice flamethrower. You should get to burning.
додав PineappleDisciple 26 Квітень 2006

Слова пов'язані з you get to burning

anime autosexuality burn grammar mars masturbation sex appeal theme song winner
The unpleasant sensation felt on one's penis after masturbating furiously to Martian Successor: Nadesico for hours on end.
Make sure you get enough lube for the Nadesico marathon this weekend, otherwise you get to burning.
додав Charlie Babbage 14 Червень 2010