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To "youtube" something, meaning to look it up on youtube.
Black man says: Yo man, I want to see the Pop Lock and Drop It Video. Where can i find it?

White man says: Youtube it man!
додав thomas lavoie 14 Жовтень 2007
A word used to tell someone to look at a certain video.
"Monkeys Dancing, youtube-it."
додав Riley B. 15 Березень 2008
To look something up on youtube
if you need a recipe for biscuits youtube it
додав marhol 6 Травень 2011
Searching for a video on youtube.
Girl 1: Hey, have you seen that new smosh video?

Girl 2: No.

Girl 1: Ok, I'll youtube it for you.
додав OmgxXlykexXrawr? 19 Липень 2009
youtube + it
when you want someone to look up something on youtube.
see also googleIt and wikit
hey have you seen that new video?!
no man, youtubeIT!
додав Malika ann. 16 Січень 2008
when someone want to see something they never seen before
how do you get girls nude and wet? youtube it
додав tylert97 20 Червень 2011