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Pronounced: jew-lay-see

A female usually of Latina descent. She is characterized by her stubborn beauty and ability to captivate many members of both sexes with her seductive enticement.

Funny and socially outgoing, she lures in lovers with her charming smile.

She may have certain insecurities (which she hides very well), but on the exterior she is a confident, vibrant, sexy creature.
All the boys in school drooled over her yuleissy-like curves.
додав febreze_pisses_me_off 13 Травень 2009

Слова пов'язані з yuleissy

curvy hottie latino sexy ass hispanic jew-lay-see
A girl of latin descent with nice curves, perky tits and rocking ass.
Yuleissy got the perks to match those nips, like some kind of Yuleissy
додав BobTheBobBobSon 20 Серпень 2011